1. Who is behind Madamili Design GmbH?

An excellent team that offers services in several languages.
Madamili is no longer an "I", but a "we"! :)

2. Where are Madamili products manufactured? Customization?

The products Madamlili are carefully manufactured by teams specialized in the studios Madamlili in Kudamm, Berlin. Customization.

3. Is the product of nickel or nickel? Bleavery?

Yes, of course, these products are free of nickel and lead. They are also perfect for allergic people.

4. Is there a Madamili store?
It's true! There is a shop in Kudam, Berlin.
The adress is:
Madamili Design Co., Ltd.
42 Joachim Street - Friedrich
10711 Berlin

(next to the design hotel 101 in Kudamm)

Open from 9 am to 7 pm

5. Can I call you if I have questions?

Of course yes. If you have any questions or questions, the team will be happy to help you.
Direct line 030 - 30834962 (at local prices)
MO EN 10 - 17 CLOCK

6. Which stores are still selling Madamili products?

Madamili products are always available at the following stores:
Castate branch
Promotion in Berlin

7. I like chains, but I want longer or longer chains there are shorter. It's possible?

Of course yes! We are happy to lengthen or shorten copper, silver and gold chains. When ordering, simply specify the changes.

8. I like a product, but I hope with other materials like 925 sterling silver, bronze or silver. It's possible?

Of course yes. It's possible on almost every jewelry. Here, when ordering, simply specify the change request.

9. Can I sculpt the jewels?

You're welcome. Gravur is available almost free for all jewelry. Please include only engraving requirements when ordering.

10. Can you change the text of the product?

Of course, spells can be made as needed. Please briefly indicate your wishes when ordering.

11. What are the customization costs?

It's nothing. We love free customization.

I have a picture. The reason for desire, I want to turn it into a necklace, ring or earring. It's possible?

But of course, you can make wishes designs. Please briefly describe the change request and the photo or yes. info@madamlili.com Send.

13. Can I return the goods?

The products can be returned within 14 days. Goods can be exchanged or refunded as needed.

How long are these clocks? Are Madamili products under warranty?

Of course, they are on the clock. Madamili products are always guaranteed for two years.

15. Can I place an order from any country? How much does it cost?

For deliveries in Germany, we calculate a lump sum rate of 2.90 euros per order. We deliver free of charge in Germany from 50 € of the value of the order.

We are pleased to offer our services internationally. From the value of the order of 50 euros, we deliver freely throughout Europe via DHL and for the rest of the world via postnl (Dutch post) or Deutsche Post. For orders of less than 50 euros, you have two options:

1. To do this, we calculated a flat rate of 3.90 euros and we delivered it using postnl. Delivery times for postnl are approximate for Poland and France. 5 - 8 working days, about 7 - 10 working days to travel to the United States and around the world, more.
2 To do this, we calculated a flat rate of 6 euros for all of Europe and we delivered it using DHL. DHL's lifting time in Poland and France is about 3 to 5 working days, and the lifting time of all other European countries is 5 business days and more.

* For deliveries in the United States and the rest of the world using DHL, an infivueled agreement must be concluded according to the quantity and value of the goods. Lifting takes about 5 to 7 business days.

* Express is available in Germany, Europe and around the world via DHL or Friendly Logistics. This requires an unfavorable price request, which depends on the quantity and value of the goods. For an investigation, please info@madamlili.com coordinates.

16. What is special with Madamili?

Personal services are particularly important for Madamili. Your satisfaction is therefore the highest!

The Madamili team is always ready to answer questions, suggestions and complaints. :)

Frequently asked questions