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925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Multi Gemstone Earrings Earper25-16

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Extravagant and very chic: multi gemstone earrings with aquamarine, chalcedone, peridot, moonstone and rock crystal made of gold-plated 925 sterling silver. The earrings hang about 7cm down and are supplied with silicone stopper.

Aquamarin: Halchakra. Peace, self-confidence, intuition, positive energy. One legend after giving him from the treasure chest of a mermaid. This redirects his name, which means translated "seawater".

Chalcedon: Halschakra, third eye. Internal tranquility, balance, self-confidence, rhetoric. It is reported that Demosthenes, one of the most important Greek speakers, to have taken a Chalcedon into the mouth to language exercises to speak loud and clear. In Tibet, in him the purity of a lotus blossom, which preserve from dissatisfaction as well as weakness and should be inside.

Mountain crystal: crown chakra, meditation, concentration, high vibration. The Romans believed he was the seat of the gods who could give them courage, wisdom and faithfulness in love. Moonstone: Crown Chakra, Halsh Kra. Intuition, intense feelings, balance, vitality, youthful charisma.

Peridot: Herzchakra. Positive attitude to life, hope, love, flexibility. The olive-green Peridot was diverted for 1500 years before Christ on the island of Zebirget in the Red Sea.

The earrings are about 6cm long.

* Since it is a natural product, small deviations are possible.

* Our products comply with German standards and are suitable for allergy sufferers.

* All our pieces of jewelery come lovingly in our jewelry boxes or organza bag as a gift packed to you. Ideal for releasing!