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Puste flower medallion chain incl. Photoservice in old silver

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Dainty silvered medallion chain in old silver with elegant glass ball pendant, filled with real puff flowers seeds, which we collected on our forest walks.

The pulse trailer also accompanies a photomed light. Please send the picture to the email address: The production or photo service usually takes only 1 working day. If no picture is sent, the medallion will be shipped without a photo service as shown.

* All our jewelry correspond to German standards and are suitable for allergy sufferers. Photo medallion chain incl. Photoservice in the price include: image editing, detail, picture optimization, photo printing on specialty paper, image mounting in the medallion.

**Used material** Silvered chain, handblown glass pendant, genuine pulse flowers seeds, silvered brass medallion ** Size / dimensions / weight ** Chain length approx. 70 cm Silvered medallion CA 2cm