Delivery & Delivery

Delivery & Delivery

(1) The delivery of our items takes place around the world. Delivery is done exclusively with DHL and Deutsche Post

(2) The supplier provides commodity from 1 to 3 working days from payment.

(3) Several products ordered simultaneously are delivered in a common show and the delivery time of the product with the longest delivery time is valid for the common lot. If the supplier wants the delivery of a particular product with a shorter delivery time, he must order this product separately.

(4) If the delivery to the command fails because the command indicated that the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete, a new delivery attempt will only be made if the supplier supports the immediate expenses of the new farport. These costs correspond to the shipping costs agreed upon the conclusion of the contract.

(5) If the order has been chosen as a cash payment method, the goods are not shipped. Instead, the dealer may retrieve the goods at the operator's headquarters after 3 working days following the conclusion of the contract; For individualized products (see paragraph 2), the time limit is extended by one week until the duration of the service is extended.

(6) For delivery in Germany, we charge 2.90 euros per order. From an order value of 50 euros, we deliver free to delivery in Germany. For the shipping priority, we charge 4.99 euros per order.WithPriority for shipping and sending your order in priority.

For an order of 50 EUR, we charge 6 euros per order and we deliver services to Eurosy and Deutsche Post for the rest of the world.

From a purchase order of 50 euros, we provide you with free DHL services with DHL and for the rest of the world * with Deutsche Post.

Delivery times in Poland and France with DHL are about 3-5 working days, all other countries in Europe 5 working days and more.

Delivery times for the rest of the world * with Deutsche Post. 7-10 worker and more.

For delivery to the United States and the rest of the world with DHL, an individual agreement is necessary depending on the quantity and value of the goods. Delivery takes about 5-7 and more working days.

For Germany, we ask for a shipping priority for 4.99 euros. WithaPRIORITY SHIPPING THE ORDEREdited and shipped further in a business day.

* For Germany and Europe and around the world, express delivery can be made with DHL or similar logistics companies. For all countries, an individual price request is required depending on the quantity and value of the goods. Please contact for a price request.